Mediterranean Information Office

for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development

The Mediterranean NGO Federation

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A Network of Networks

MIO-ECSDE facilitates four other networks of major Mediterranean stakeholders who play a key role in addressing the region’s environmental and sustainable development challenges

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In the spotlight

The Mediterranean is prominent in the Final Report of the UN Decade of ESD (2005-2014)

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In the spotlight

Act4Drin launches the “Echoes from the Drin” short films triplet

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Who we are

We are a non-profit Federation of over 128 Mediterranean Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for Environment and Sustainable Development

What we do

We act as a technical and political platform for the intervention of NGOs in the Mediterranean scene

Our mission

Our mission is to protect the Natural Environment and Cultural Heritage and promote Sustainable Development in a peaceful Mediterranean

Our story

For more than twenty years we have been catalyzing synergies, joining forces & building bridges in the Euro-Mediterranean area


Earth Overshoot Day (Aug 13) | stay tuned

Each year the Global Footprint Network organizes a media campaign for Earth Overshoot Day to raise awareness about the importance of living within the means of our planet. Global Footprint Network tracks humanity’s demand on the planet (Ecological Footprint) against... read more

MIO-ECSDE at the DeFishGear summer school on marine litter

The DeFishGear partner, the University of Nova Gorica, which this year celebrated its 20th anniversary, organised the International DeFishGear Summer School entitled “The growing threat of marine litter: from marine observations and knowledge to concrete actions... read more

Featured Publication

Vlachogianni T, Vogrin M, Scoullos M. Aliens in the Mediterranean. MIO-ECSDE, Athens, 2013.

Featured Publication

Vlachogianni Th, Van Vliet L. Endocrine – Disrupting Chemicals: A lurking threat . MIO-ECSDE, 2013.

Featured Publication

Alampei I, Malotidi V, Vlachogianni Th, Scoullos M. Know Feel Act! to Stop Marine Litter, MIO-ECSDE, 2014

For more than twenty years joining forces & building bridges in the Euro-Mediterranean area

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