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MIO-ECSDE facilitates four other networks of major Mediterranean stakeholders who play a key role in addressing the region’s environmental and sustainable development challenges

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The Mediterranean is prominent in the Final Report of the UN Decade of ESD (2005-2014)

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Act4Drin launches the “Echoes from the Drin” short films triplet
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Who we are

We are a non-profit Federation of over 128 Mediterranean Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for Environment and Sustainable Development

What we do

We act as a technical and political platform for the intervention of NGOs in the Mediterranean scene

Our mission

Our mission is to protect the Natural Environment and Cultural Heritage and promote Sustainable Development in a peaceful Mediterranean

Our story

For more than twenty years we have been catalyzing synergies, joining forces & building bridges in the Euro-Mediterranean area


Act4Drin publication on the natural wealth and legacy of the Drin River Basin launched on the occasion of the World Rivers Day

Located in the south–western Balkans and connecting five riparian countries (Albania, Greece, FYR of Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro), the Drin River Basin is without a doubt one of the most important freshwater biodiversity hotspots in Europe. For the first time ever a multilingual (five languages) publication that highlights the exceptional wealth of freshwater biodiversity of the Drin River Basin has been produced via a collective effort of the region’s civil society. Entitled “The natural wealth and legacy of the Drin River Basin: inspiring our collective actions”, it aims at raising public awareness on the value of our common natural wealth and ultimately triggering individual or collective actions towards safeguarding the basin’s biodiversity and its invaluable ecosystem services. In the words of Thomais Vlachogianni, MIO-ECSDE Programme Officer & Act4Drin Project Manager, “Whether we consciously realize it or not, freshwater ecosystems together with every bit of biodiversity they support and the ecosystem services they provide, are intimately interwoven with our ‘harmonious’ existence and welfare. Therefore, the protection of our natural common heritage cannot be left only to governments, treaties, top-down regulations and other similar approaches. We, as individuals can make the real difference by simply caring and respecting the right of all beings to live well on this planet.” The publication was developed by MIO-ECSDE (Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development – a Federation of Mediterranean environmental NGOs) within the framework of the CEPF-funded Act4Drin project (, implemented in collaboration with BIOSFERA, EDEN, GREENHOME, MES and KAWKA PRODUCTION. The project seeks to raise public awareness through a wide range of actions, enhance knowledge and empower NGOs to protect... read more

MIO-ECSDE summer surveys on marine litter in Thesprotia, Greece

Within the framework of the IPA Adriatic funded DeFishGear project, MIO-ECSDE carried out the third set of beach litter surveys in Thesprotia, Greece, 28-30 July 2015. The previous sets of surveys took place in winter (November 2014) and spring (March 2015). Based on the beach monitoring methodology prepared by MIO-ECSDE in collaboration with other DeFishGear partners, six sites were selected taking into consideration their location (vicinity to ports, river mouths, tourist destinations, coastal urban areas, remote areas) and other features related to morphology, accessibility, etc. The sites – located at Valtos (Parga), Arrila beach (Perdika), Mega Ammos (Syvota), Drepano (Igoumenitsa), Kalamas estuary and Sagiada beach – were also chosen based on the input received by the Management Body of Kalamas – Acherontas Rivers, who also granted the MIO-ECSDE team with the necessary   permission to perform the surveys in three locations within the protected area. The results of the one-year-long beach litter surveys will contribute to the identification of risks in the area related to litter that ends up in the marine environment originating from different on- and off-shore human activities (e.g. inadequate urban solid waste management at all stages, discharge of untreated municipal sewage, commercial fishing, etc.) and subsequently facilitate the work of the Management Body, as well as of the local authorities to identify prevention and mitigation actions to tackle marine litter. The results of the pilot ‘monitoring’ activity on amounts, composition and potential impacts of marine litter are expected to be published by the beginning of 2016. It should be noted that MIO-ECSDE and Accademia del Leviatano have undertaken floating litter surveys in the area, while the... read more

Earth Overshoot Day (Aug 13) | stay tuned

Each year the Global Footprint Network organizes a media campaign for Earth Overshoot Day to raise awareness about the importance of living within the means of our planet. Global Footprint Network tracks humanity’s demand on the planet (Ecological Footprint) against nature’s ability to provide for this demand (biocapacity). Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s annual demand on nature exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. Earth Overshoot Day has moved from early October in 2000 to August 13th this year!! This means that in less than eight months, humanity has used up nature’s budget for the entire year. Learn more as the 13th approaches at, JOIN US and SPREAD THE WORD TO RAISE AWARENESS ON THE IMPORTANCE OF LIVING WITHIN OUR... read more

Featured Publication

The natural wealth and legacy of the Drin River Basin: inspiring our collective actions, MIO-ECSDE, 2015

Featured Publication

Vlachogianni Th, Van Vliet L. Endocrine – Disrupting Chemicals: A lurking threat . MIO-ECSDE, 2013.

Featured Publication

Alampei I, Malotidi V, Vlachogianni Th, Scoullos M. Know Feel Act! to Stop Marine Litter, MIO-ECSDE, 2014

For more than twenty years joining forces & building bridges in the Euro-Mediterranean area

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