Our Values & Policies

In line with our commitment to accountability, we publish here our Code of Conduct and Policies that complement it:

Anti-Corruption Policy

MIO-ECSDE commits to maintain a culture of zero-tolerance towards fraud and unethical activities that threaten its reputation and its objectives. We receive funding from a number of external sources and this policy seeks to ensure an ethical and transparent management of funds. Find our Anti-Corruption Policy here

Environmental Policy

MIO-ECSDE recognizes that its operations impact the environment and seeks through this policy to improve its environmental performance by reducing, monitoring and offsetting its ecological footprint. Find our Environmental Policy here

Code of Conduct

The MIO-ECSDE Code of Conduct is a guideline and statement of the organisation’s values, commitments, functions and procedures. It outlines the rules and regulations that are in place to support its clear and transparent operation. Find our Code of Conduct here

Gender Policy

Gender equality is intrinsically linked to sustainable development and it guides MIO-ECSDE to achieve its mission in the Mediterranean. This policy defines MIO-ECSDE’s explicit commitments to support gender equality and women’s empowerment within its own operations. Find our Gender Policy here

Whistleblower Policy

This policy encourages MIO-ECSDE’s Executive Bureau members, managers, staff and interns/volunteers to report malpractice, unethical conduct and illegal practices in the workplace without fears of reprisal, detriment or discrimination. Find our Whistleblower Policy here

Complaint Policy

MIO-ECSDE acknowledges that having a structured mechanism for external complaints can enhance the trust and confidence of stakeholders and helps identify areas for improvement to enhance the quality of its work. This policy applies to MIO-ECSDE’s member organizations and affiliated organizations, partners and members of the public (individual, legal or other entity). Find our Complaint Policy here

Privacy Policy

MIO-ECSDE is the controller of personal data collected via MIO-ECSDE websites, data collected during meetings / trainings / workshops, data gathered ‘in the field’ (e.g. business cards, publicly available contact information, etc.) and the controller of the personal data of its members and their representatives. MIO-ECSDE commits to respecting the privacy of personal data it collects and its privacy practices are described in this policy. Find our Privacy Policy here

Our Reports of Activities & Financial Statements

MIO-ECSDE a Member of Accountable Now

Ascribing to the 12 Accountability Commitments of the Global Standard for CSO Accountability, MIO-ECSDE is a full member of Accountable Now, a cross-sector platform for internationally operating civil society organisations (CSOs). We strive to be transparent, independent and responsive to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact.

 We regularly report on our economic, environmental and social performance in line with Accountable Now’s Reporting Guidelines to an Independent Review Panel. The reports, the feedback from the Independent Review Panel and the Panel’s Improvement Analysis are publicly available:

•  2017 MIO-ECSDE Accountability Report  2017 Feedback from Independent Review Panel  •  

 •  2017 Panel’s Improvement Analysis  • 2021 MIO-ECSDE Accountability Report 2021 Feedback from Independent Review Panel

MIO-ECSDE and Quality Assurance

MIO-ECSDE follows the ISO 9001:2015 standards in the design, development, management and implementation of international and European projects on environment and sustainable development. 

   ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (En)•  ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (El) 

Quality Assurance Manual












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