Our Members

The Federation consists of 134 Full and Corresponding Members from 28 countries who share the same benefits and rights, except for the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is reserved only for Full Members. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Member Organisations remains the main institution constituting the basis of the Federation. The AGM is convened once a year.

Who can become a MIO-ECSDE Member
  1. Any international, national, regional non-governmental, non-profit organization of a riparian Mediterranean country of no political, religious or commercial interest could become a full member.
  2. All others (local, governmental, profit-making, non-Mediterranean, etc.) could be accepted as corresponding members.
  3. Similarly, very new organizations are also placed normally in this category.
  4. Every corresponding member could apply for upgrading to full membership providing the additional appropriate justification.
  5. All members, retain their rights and privileges as long as they pay their annual membership fees: – 100 Euro for full membership and – 75 Euro for corresponding membership.
How to become a member of MIO-ECSDE

The documents needed in the official procedure followed in order for an organisation to become a MIO-ECSDE member, are the following:

  • Submission to the MIO-ECSDE Secretariat of the “Membership Application Form” filled in. It should be clarified that Full members (with membership fees 100 Euro per year) and Corresponding members (with membership fees 75 Euro per year) share the same benefits, but only Full members have the right to vote in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Member-Organisations.
  • Submission to the MIO-ECSDE Secretariat of a copy of the By Laws and Legal Statutes of the applicant organisation.
  • Information material about the applicant organisation’s activities, of the past two years.

The application, once received, will be evaluated in the subsequent MIO-ECSDE Executive Bureau Meeting and the evaluation will be accordingly forwarded for final approval to the AGM.

Send, by post, the completed Membership Application Form and all of the requested attachments to:

MIO-ECSDE Secretariat

12, Kyrristou St, 105 56 Plaka

Athens, Greece

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Why become a MIO-ECSDE member

MIO-ECSDE member organizations:

  • are informed and up-to-date on major advances and developments related to Euro-Mediterranean policies and processes;
  • channel their views and positions, as part of a collective voice on environment and sustainable development issues in the Euro-Mediterranean scene, to the European Commission, European Parliament, EU Governments, the Union for the Mediterranean, as well as intergovernmental bodies, international fora, conventions, conferences, etc.;
  • are represented in the above-mentioned arenas by an accountable, reliable, credible, knowledgeable regional player,
  • are assisted in their advocacy and policy formulation efforts at national and local level and strengthened in their involvement in policy debates and decision making processes;
  • have opportunities for networking and collaborations with other environmental NGOs from the Euro-Mediterranean region;
  • showcase their organization’s work and achievements via MIO-ECSDE’s communication channels and tools (website, bulletin, newsletter, etc.) which access some 8000 subscribers.
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