About Us

Twenty Five Years of Action

We are a non-profit Federation of 134 Mediterranean Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in the fields of Environment and Development in 28 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area.


Our mission is to protect the Natural Environment and Cultural Heritage and promote Sustainable Development in a peaceful Mediterranean by bringing together the efforts of environmental and developmental NGOs.

In co-operation with governments, international organisations, other socio-economic partners and networks, MIO-ECSDE plays an active role furthering synergies and strengthening public participation in the Mediterranean Region and its countries.

Read here our full statutes: MIO-ECSDE Statutes

Our highest decision-making body is the Annual General Assembly, where our Member Organizations come together to decide on the work programme, the strategic priorities and budget.

The core of MIO-ECSDE is its Secretariat Team based in Athens, the Executive Bureau and its NGO Member Organizations.

The MIO-ECSDE Executive Bureau for 2023 is as follows:

  • Mr. Michael Scoullos / Chairman
  • Mr. Mohamed Ftouhi / Co-Chairman
  • Ms Anaïs Berthier (EEB)
  • Ms Ghada Ahmadein (RAED) (with Dr. Emad Adly as alternate)
  • Mr. Giannis Michail (Elliniki Etaireia)
  • Mr. Vjeran Pirsic (Croatia)
  • Ms Antonia Theodosiou (Cyprus)
  • Mr. Jean-Valère Geronimi (France) (with Ms Céline Labbé as alternate)
  • Mr. Michael Scoullos & Mr. Giorgos Sampson (Greece)

  • Ms Romina Bicocchi & Ms Patrizia Bonelli (Italy)
  • Mr. Ziyad Alawneh (Jordan)
  • Ms Marie Therese Seif (Lebanon)
  • Mr. Vincent Attard (Malta) / Treasurer
  • Mr. Mohamed Ftouhi (Morocco)
  • Mr. Imad Attrash (Palestine)
  • Mr. Mario Alves (Portugal)
  • Mr. Milan Vogrin (Slovenia)
  • Mr. Jeremie Fosse & Mr. Angel Juarez (Spain)
  • Ms Suheir Raies (Syria)
  • Mr. Habib Ben Boubaker (Tunisia)
  • Mr. Mehmet Botan Kayhan (Turkey)

(In alphabetical order by country)

MIO-ECSDE was established in 1990 initially as a network of environmental NGOs, under a joint project of the European Environment Bureau (EEB) and Elliniki Etairia and in close collaboration with the Arab Network of Environment and Development (RAED). The demand for institutional support from more and more Mediterranean NGOs and the increasing need for structured and constructive NGO views in  regional/international fora, led to the establishment (1996) of MIO-ECSDE in its present form as an NGO Federation.

For more than twenty years joining forces & building bridges in the Euro-Mediterranean area


Prof. Michael Scoullos


e-mail: scoullos(at)mio-ecsde.org

Thomais Vlachogianni

Senior Policy & Programme Officer

e-mail: vlachogianni(at)mio-ecsde.org

Vassilis Psallidas

Senior ESD Advisor for the MEdIES Secretariat

e-mail: psallidas(at)mio-ecsde.org

George Paneris

Financial Assistant

e-mail: paneris(at)mio-ecsde.org

Anastasia Roniotes

Head Officer

e-mail: roniotes(at)mio-ecsde.org

Argyro Alampei

Senior Education Programme Officer

e-mail: alampei(at)mio-ecsde.org

Olga Papathanasopoulou


e-mail: secretariat(at)mio-ecsde.org

Alaa Abou Daher

Project Officer

e-mail: aboudaher(at)mio-ecsde.org

Bessie Mantzara

Head of Finance & Administration

e-mail: mantzara(at)mio-ecsde.org.

Vicky Malotidi

Senior Education Programme Officer

e-mail: malotidi(at)mio-ecsde.org

Haris Paliogiannis

Policy Officer

e-mail: paliogiannis(at)mio-ecsde.org

Danai Amplianiti

Project Officer

e-mail: amplianiti(at)mio-ecsde.org

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