MSESD 2019 status check: advances, lessons learned and outlook

Some 80 participants from 20 Euro-Mediterranean countries converged to the city of Heraklion in Crete over three days (24-26 June) to report on the region’s collective progress and share the valuable lessons learned in implementing the Action Plan of the Mediterranean...

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PlasticBuster MPAs successfully completes the studying phase

To-date significant progress has been achieved within the PlasticBusters MPAs project, with the studying phase - aiming to define the key elements of the harmonized marine litter monitoring and management approach- being successfully completed. The starting point of...

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3rd meeting of the UfM Task Force on Environment

The 3rd meeting of the UfM Task Force on Environment brought together on April 9th in Brussels, Belgium, the UfM member countries, UfM Co-Presidencies and the Secretariat of the UfM, UN Environment/MAP and other regional stakeholders and partners. It was devoted to...

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