The IV Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Water was held in Barcelona, Spain on 13 April 2010. In this Conference, following the agreements achieved in the Ministerial Conference in the Dead Sea Ministerial Conference in 2008, the “Long-Term Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean” was discussed.

Despite the fact that the 4th EuroMed Ministerial Conference on Water did not agree on the adoption of the Mediterranean Strategy for Water, civil society and NGOs in particularly were given the opportunity to present to the Ministers their relevant statement. Prof. Michael Scoullos, Chairman of MIO-ECSDE, read the statement on behalf of the NGOs present and also on behalf of the regional environmental organizations following the environmental component of the EuroMed/UfM process: EEB, RAED, WWF MedPO.

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Find below the statement of Mediterranean Environmental Civil Society to the IV Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Water: [attachments template=small-with-title include=”3646″]