Accountable Now and eight accountability networks from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean worked together for two years to develop 12 Accountability Commitments to truly capture what accountability means for civil society around the world. The 12 Commitments in the Global Standard describe what we aspire to achieve as civil society actors and how we must work to implement positive change. It provides a strong narrative of what the sector wants to achieve and how, and it encompasses the entire sector – not just humanitarian work.

The Commitments therefore represent a globally shared, dynamic understanding of accountability and are written in plain English to facilitate dialogue with our stakeholders and communication with the wider public. Taken together, they are called the Global Standard and promise a powerful contribution to the benefit of people and the environment and an invitation to hold us to account for how well we deliver.

MIO-ECSDE, in collaboration with Accountable Now, offered an insightful overview of the Global Standard 12 Commitments, with a special focus on six commitments specifically chosen by the MIO-ECSDE Secretariat as most relevant to its member NGOs. These commitments include:

  • Women’s Rights and Gender Equality,
  • Healthy Planet,
  • Open Organizations,
  • Empowered, Effective Staff & Volunteers,
  • Well-handled Resources,
  • Responsive Decision-Making.

More specifically, a webinar for MIO-ECSDE member organizations was coorganised with Accountable Now to assist them to understand how these commitments can be effectively applied; an opportunity for learning, discussion, and practical application of accountability principles tailored to the needs of MIO-ECSDE member organizations (March 27th, 13:00 to 14:30 CET).

In addition, a handbook was created as supporting material for the MIO-ECSDE network. It provides an overview of the 12 Accountability Commitments and unpacks the six above commitments addressed in the webinar. For each of the commitments, a rationale (the low-down), practical actions, and one or more examples are provided to help illustrate the commitments and how they apply to organisations better. A glossary is also available at the end of this handbook to unpack some key terms and provide common definitions.

Concept note and agenda of the webinar.

Access a recording of the webinar here.

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