A letter and a corresponding document with some suggestions for the Commission’s progress report on the Integrated Maritime Policy were sent to Commissioner Damanaki. This input was prepared by the regional NGOs: MIO-ECSDE, GREENPEACE, WWF, BIRD LIFE INTERNATIONAL, EEB, SEAS AT RISK, OCEAN 2012 and COALITION CLEAN BALTIC.

With this document, the above mentioned NGOs wish to contribute collectively to the development of a strong and successful Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) of the European Union. The document contains a collection of thoughts and recommendations on a range of issues brought together by our issue experts. The overarching message our organisations wish to convey is that all efforts to integrate maritime policies with one another must:

  • recognise the centrality of healthy marine ecosystems to the sustainability of the sea’s resources;
  • result in the integration of environmental considerations into all maritime policy fields;
  • ensure a better understanding of the cumulative impacts of human uses of maritime space;
  • lead to an environmentally sustainable, as well as energy and natural resource efficient maritime economy.

Find below the NGO contribution to the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy document:

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