article_thumb_180_PM6W8RM3AT44XA Workshop on “The role of Euro-Mediterranean Civil Society in mainstreaming equality issues in regional environmental cooperation on water and energy in the prospects of climate change” was organized on 14-15 May 2010 in Alicante, Spain in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Civil Forum.

The Mediterranean Civil Forum is a biannual event organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Civil Platform, which is the network of networks of non-governmental organizations active in advocacy and policy-making in the region on a variety of relevant issues (human rights, socio-economic issues, culture, environment, gender, youth, etc.).

The objective of the Civil Fora is to offer Euro-Mediterranean Civil Society a space for discussion and enhanced cooperation, enabling joint positions on issues critical for the region. The overarching theme of the Civil Forum 2010 was “equality”. All thematic workshops organized in its framework (democracy, peace, environment, culture and socio-economic issues) streamlined in their works relevant equality issues.

Please find below the recommendations of the environmental workshop:

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Please find below the overall recommendations of the Civil Forum:

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