MIO-ECSDE / MEdIES launches an online training course on marine litter targeting formal and non formal educators to be held from 10 to 22 May 2016. The 13-day e-course is implemented within the framework of the IPA-Adriatic DeFishGear project under the auspices of UNEP/MAP.

This e-course is based on the educational material  “Know, feel, act! to Stop Marine Litter”. This is an output of the FP7  MARLISCO project  that has been translated and applied in 15 Euro-Mediterranean countries. The material contains a set of 17 educational activities examining the characteristics, sources, effects and possible ways to tackle the problem, addressing it from an environmental, societal, cultural and economic point of view. The material has been designed to primarily serve middle school level, but can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of younger or older students, or to be used outside the formal schooling system. The Pack is available in English and many other languages here.


The full e-course is equivalent to a 1.5-day face-to-face train-the-trainer seminar.  Its aim is to train on effective ways of teaching about marine litter issues. The course language is English.

This is not a course based on individual reading and a final test. It is based on the principle of adaptive collaborative learning, which means participants will need to actively contribute in it by taking part in the forum discussions, posing questions to fellow participants and facilitators, making suggestions to improve the content and working solo or in groups to complete the assignments. Whatever form your participation will take, you will be co-responsible for the content development during the course and the level of interaction!

The e-course targets mainly, but not exclusively, the DeFishGear project countries (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia) and welcomes:

  • Teachers of primary and secondary level of all disciplines (formal education sector).
  • Educators in museums, parks, aquariums, NGOs etc. (non formal education sector).
  • Managers, scientists, staff, volunteers, etc. of aquatic Parks, coastal local authorities, etc. with an experience in the topic of marine litter and an interest in education.

Applications from other countries, especially of the Euro-Mediterranean area are also eligible and will be accepted based on the quality of the application form.
Applications are treated on a first come-first served basis.

Deadline for registrations: 9 May 2016.

Read more in the Announcement Call  and Register Online (click “Register” at the bottom of the webpage)