The beach of Reghaia, one of the most visited beaches in the city of Boumerdes, was the target of the Association de volontariat Touiza de la Wilaya d’Alger in the context of its participation in the 2023 “Clean-Up the Med” campaign. A campaign was organized on May 27, 2023, focusing mostly on the engagement of young people and children from the community, sensitizing them on the gravity of the waste management and marine litter problem and the importance of protecting the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts. Within 1 day, over 150 kg of waste was collected.

Clean Up the Med campaign is organized yearly by Legambiente, another MIO-ECSDE member organization, to raise awareness among citizens from all the Mediterranean countries on the problem of marine litter and on collective reduction actions. Read more about the Clean Up the Med 2023 edition.

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