The Mediterranean Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development in cooperation with the University of Athens, the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the Network of Mediterranean Universities for Sustainable Development, will hold an international meeting on the “The Sustainable/Green University in a time of crisis”. In a period when the wider Mediterranean region, and Greece in particular, is experiencing multiple crises, the event aims to promote a renewed model for sustainable development through higher education. This renewed model aspires to ease the economic crisis that Greece is facing and the political and social crisis in the countries of the Southern Mediterranean.

During the event, the “Charter for the Sustainable Greek University” will be presented. The Charter, which has been approved by all Universities throughout Greece aims to reposition the University in order that the latter can play a pivotal role in Greece’s effort to overcome the crisis and move towards the development of a sustainable future for the coming generations.

Furthermore, the foundation of a UNESCO Chair on the “Management and Education for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean” in the University of Athens will be announced. It is the first such UNESCO Chair, which comes in recognition of the work of the University of Athens and especially of Prof. Scoullos in the field.

Finally, the outcomes of the Horizon 2020 regional training on Revisiting Mediterranean University Curricula to properly address de-pollution of the Mediterranean Sea and its elaboration of a draft of the “Mediterranean Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development” will be announced.

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