article_thumb_91_7YITUSZW9THXYIn February 2009 MIO-ECSDE joined a participatory movement entitled Spring Alliance which has as its main goal to ensure that the European Union puts people and the planet first.

The Spring Alliance was created and is being managed by four leading European civil society organizations the European Environmental Bureau, the European Trade Union Confederation, the Social Platform and Concord (European NGO confederation for Relief and Development). The Alliance is being supported by a network of organizations including development NGOs, members of the Fair Trade movement, anti-poverty campaigners, consumer organizations and representatives from the research and business community. These organizations, including MIO-ECSDE, contributed their expertise and support in making the agenda of the Spring Alliance a reality.

MIO-ECSDE was involved in the drafting and elaboration process of the Manifesto, outlined in 17 concrete proposals, which will be used to influence the strategic direction of the EU, to ensure that it pursues simultaneously economic, environmental and social goals instead of the “growth and jobs” strategy.

MIO-ECSDE mainly was involved in the Phase I Active participation through contributing to the “Rural development, land use, water, biodiversity and fisheries working group”; has already signed the Manifesto; and intends to actively participate in the Phase II of the Spring Alliance campaign aiming to promote the Manifesto’s ideas to the new European Commission and European Parliament, as well as to the EU Member States.

For more information on the campaign or to read the Manifesto please visit the