In the period of 25.08.2010  to 22.10.2010, the European Commission launched a public consultation on “Protecting our natural capital: an EU strategy to conserve biodiversity and ensure the provision of ecosystem services by 2020”. The objective of this public consultation was to gather input from a wide range of stakeholders on possible policy options for the European Union’s post-2010 EU biodiversity strategy, which will be assessed by the Commission as part of the process of its development.

MIO-ECSDE welcomed the participatory approach followed by the European Commission and submitted its main views, concerns, and considerations through the online questionaire.

Please find below MIO-ECSDE’s contribution in the consultation and the position paper on “Biodiversity in the Mediterranean region”. This position paper has been also sent to Mr. Janez  Potočnik, Europeam Commissioner for Environment.

For more info contact: Ms. Thomais Vlachogianni,