In the period of 25.08.2010  to 22.10.2010, the European Commission launched a public consultation on “Protecting our natural capital: an EU strategy to conserve biodiversity and ensure the provision of ecosystem services by 2020”. The objective of this public consultation was to gather input from a wide range of stakeholders on possible policy options for the European Union’s post-2010 EU biodiversity strategy, which will be assessed by the Commission as part of the process of its development.

MIO-ECSDE welcomed the participatory approach followed by the European Commission and submitted its main views, concerns, and considerations through the online questionaire.

Please find below MIO-ECSDE’s contribution in the consultation and the position paper on “Biodiversity in the Mediterranean region”. This position paper has been also sent to Mr. Janez  Potočnik, Europeam Commissioner for Environment.[attachments template=small-with-title include=”3659,3657″]

For more info contact: Ms. Thomais Vlachogianni,