“The Evolution of Environmental Policies in the Mediterranean from an NGO perspective”, Scoullos M, Roniotes A, MIO-ECSDE, 2003

This small book is an introduction to the evolution of International Environmental Policy and the gradual, empirical development of a new kind of diplomacy, the so called “Environmental Diplomacy” with emphasis on the Mediterranean region. In this book the Authors adopt a twofold approach, dividing their study into two parts: one general, showing the overall picture, and one more specific, focusing on a few points of greater interest.

In the first part a description of the content of Environmental Diplomacy is given explaining also its relationship to foreign policy and environmental policy. The second part is – to some extent – a critical approach which examines the evolution and implementation of Environmental Diplomacy in the Mediterranean region, describing the prehistory, the main factors, the main Convention in force (Barcelona) and its development from a purely environmental agreement to a shared framework for attaining sustainable development, perhaps more so than any other agreement concerning a regional sea.

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