“Integrated Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean”, Scoullos M, Malotidi V, Spirou S,Constantianos V, GWP-Med & MIO-ECSDE, Athens, 2002

Water was recognized since the antiquities as the “blood of the Earth”, as the perquisite for life in our planet and as one of the most vulnerable and scarce natural resources, where some of the first serious pollution problems were recorded. The need for careful and wise management of water resources was recognized in Stockholm, in 1972. In 1977 the term integrated water resources management (IWRM) was introduced an attempt to resolve conflicting uses of water resources. However, despite the fact that it is important that IWRM become first known and accepted in International Fora as the basic framework for effective management and governance of water resources, little can be achieved until IWRM is understood and applied by the water managers themselves and all stakeholders dealing with water issues at various levels. The present small publication attempts to present and clarify IWRM and to provide the necessary information and tips in order to facilitate the access of the interested Mediterranean stakeholders to the concept and application of IWRM.

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