“Waste in our life. Educator’s book”, Scoullos M, Alampei A. MIO-ECSDE, Athens, 2007

One of the most acute environmental problems of our days is the generation and disposal of waste. The continuing considerable increase in waste generation is to a certain extend certainly due to the increase of the world population as well as the currently prevailing consumption patterns. The disposal of waste, unless done properly may pollute the environment, particularly water and soil and make large plots of land useless. Household waste play an important role in this cycle and consequently the actions of individuals and families regarding household waste reflect seriously on the situation.

The educational material “Waste in our life” which was produced within the MEdIES Initiative, aims at facilitating the educational procedure for the better understanding of the critical and not so attractive issue of household wastes. This first edition was produced in 2003 in Greek language while in December 2007 the enriched English version was completed.

“Waste in our life” is available on www.medies.net  in English and Greek.


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