“Water in the Mediterranean. Educational Package”, Scoullos M, Alampei A, Boulouxi A, Malotidi V, Vazeou S, MIO-ECSDE & GWP-Med, Athens, 2001.

Water is one of the most valuable and vulnerable natural resources anywhere on earth, but this is especially true for the Mediterranean. Water shortage and the increased demand associated to uncontrolled development, intensive agriculture, mass tourism, overpopulation and over-consumption result in a complexity of interrelated problems affecting social, economic and natural aspects of everyday life.

Water in the Mediterranean  is the result of the fruitful collaboration of NGOs from 7 Mediterranean countries (Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey), environmental educators and a group of postgraduate students of the University of Athens, under the coordination of MIO-ECSDE. This publication is an attempt to provide a useful Mediterranean-wide background resource and a collection of appropriate learning activities, to facilitate new initiatives on education for Environment and Sustainability (EfES) and/or to enhance and enrich existing work schemes, regarding water management and conservation in the Mediterranean region.

Water in the Mediterranean is available on www.medies.net  in Arabic, Croatian, English, French, Greek, Italian and Turkish.

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