Proceedings of the training seminar Methodologies for the Application of Educational Materials in EE, Athens, 25-26 October 2003

This seminar was addressed to Greek educators, Environmental Education (EE) centres, and NGOs and focused on the study and deeper questioning of the educational methodologies applied in various programmes of EE in the context of formal, non-fomal, and informal education.

More specific objectives of the seminar were:

  • the notification to the Greek educational community of the two newly published educational materials on water and household wastes.
  • the exchange of views and experiences on research, theory and practice of the educational methodologies applied under ESD programmes.
  • the set up of constructive dialogue on the specific methods that are proposed by the new educational materials on water and wastes.
  • The first day of the seminar was devoted to theoretical presentations while the second day was actually an experiential workshop, where we worked in teams on seven different methodologies of EE. The outcomes the experiential workshops, as well as the theoretical presentations are included in this publication.

The proceedings are available on in greek.


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