article_thumb_306_WFGUXTYNYQJ6XThe sixth meeting of the Drin Core Group (DCG) took place in Ohrid, FYROM, on May 30 2012, as part of the Drin Dialogue activities towards the implementation of the shared vision for the sustainable management of the extended Drin Basin. A defining step in the process was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by the Ministers of the Drin Riparians at a regional consultation meeting in November 2011, in Tirana. The sixth meeting of the DCG was the first meeting of the Group as an official body for the coordination of actions among the Parties (to the MoU) for the implementation of the MoU. It was organized with the support and collaboration of UNECE, GWP-Med, and the Ministry for Environment and Physical Planning, FYR Macedonia.

The main aim of the meeting was for the DCG to discuss and agree on actions for the implementation of the MoU for the period 2012-2014 (including objectives, timeframe, etc.). Special emphasis was given to actions for the implementation of the MoU during 2012, such as the operation of the DCG under its new mandate i.e. the coordination of activities for the implementation of the MoU, as well as the establishment of sustainably functioning support structures and the securing of financial resources for the operation of the DCG and operation of its Expert Working Groups (Water Framework Directive implementation, Monitoring and Information exchange, Biodiversity).

MIO-ECSDE representatives, Mr. Milan Vogrin and Ms. Thomais Vlachogianni constructively participated in all discussions and also informed the Group about MIO-ECSDE’s planned activity to develop in 2012 a brochure highlighting the region’s wealth of different habitats and species, in co-operation with local members and collaborating NGOs from the region. The aim of this activity is to raise awareness on the importance of the Drin River Basin and its ecosystems, to expand the ownership of the shared vision and support/strengthen the implementation of the management plan.