article_thumb_249_RYM7E2GHGBJ0UFollowing up in its commitment to contribute to the UNEP/MAP process of developing the Ecosystem Approach for the Mediterranean, MIO-ECSDE participated at the second government designated experts (GDE) meeting on the application of the Ecosystem Approach, held in Durres, Albania on 2-3 June 2011.

The first meeting of the GDEs was held in Athens in July 2008.

The purpose of the second GDE meeting was to review and discuss the progress achieved with a particular focus on the initial integrated assessment report; draft ecological, operational objectives and indicators and the proposed timetable for further implementing the ecosystem approach roadmap.

The main conclusions and recommendations of the meeting were:

  • To endorse the submission of the Integrated Assessment report to the MAP Focal Points meeting after reflecting the suggestions made at the meeting and those to be suggested to the Contracting Parties;
  • To endorse the revised version of the ecological objectives, operational objectives and indicators for submission to the MAP Focal Points meeting;
  • To fully integrate the agreed ecosystem approach indicators in the regional action plans currently under elaboration or to be prepared and/or revised in the future, such as the ICZM, the Marine Litter Strategy, Action Plans on endangered species, etc;
  • To endorse in principle and for indicative purposes only, the submission to the MAP Focal Points meeting of a timeline with projected outputs for the ecosystem approach implementation roadmap 2011-2019;
  • To amend the proposed timeline.

Within the framework of Horizon 2020 CB/MEP trainings MIO-ECSCDE together with WWF, UNEP/MAP and other partners will organize in the Autumn of 2011, a regional training for on the application of the Ecosystem Approach, thus contributing directly and constructively to the UNEP/MAP efforts.

MIO-ECSDE has also participated in all three relevant technical meetings that were convened respectively in April 2010 (Rome, Italy), July 2010 (Barcelona, Spain) and March 2011 (Istanbul, Turkey) to review the work carried out for the preparation of the initial integrated assessment report as well as the proposals regarding ecological objectives with its associated set of operational objectives and indicators.

For more info contact: Thomais Vlachogianni,