MIO-ECSDE follows current policy and implementation trends in the field of nanotechnologies and accordingly informs its Membership. Within the framework of the NanoCap EU project it has developed its Position on Nanotechnologies , in consultation with its Membership, and has given input to several EU consultations such as the European Commission’s Scientific Hearing on Risk Assessment of Nanotechnologies (May 2009), the online consultation on the voluntary Code of Conduct to be adopted at the EU wide level to promote a safe and responsible nano-research (March 2008), etc.

It has also participated in several nanotechnologies conferences and events , such as the NanoCap & STOA conference “Working and Living with Nanotechnologies” (April 2009), the OECD conference on “Potential Environmental Benefits of Nanotechnology” (July, 2009), the EU “Scientific Hearing on Nanotechnologies” (September 2009),  the DEEPEN project event “Reconfiguring Responsibility: Deepening Debate on Nanotechnology” (September 2009), etc.

Within the framerwork of thw NanoCap project, in which MIO-ECSDE was a partner organisation, MIO-ECSDE undertook the initiative to develop a  web application entitled “Nanovirtualium”, aiming  at  providing basic and advanced information on this new emerging technology and seting out the implications for health and safety (workers), environment and rest of society, at all levels.

Recently, in an effort to explore its Members’ perceptions about nanotechnologies and also to better understand the status of debate around these quick developing ‘new’ technologies in the various Mediterranean countries, the MIO-ECSDE Secretariat circulated a questionnaire.

Please find below relevant documents:

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