An international conference will be held at Cornell University to bring together scholars from a variety of disciplines engaged in research that addresses the crisis of fresh water resources in dry regions of the world. The conference will focus particularly on the Middle East, the Mediterranean Basin, and the Nile Basin, where population increase and climate change threaten to exacerbate regional conflicts and human suffering. Recognizing that finding solutions to the growing global need for fresh water is a complex problem, we encourage papers and posters that approach water issues from a variety of disciplines. Among the topics that may be addressed are sustainable technology, hydrology, law and governance, indigenous rights, privatization, public policy, and education. Papers are encouraged to be submitted on the following:

  • The right to water and water rights
  • Governance, compliance and water law
  • Cultural approaches and solutions for water policy challenges
  • International water law
  • Studies on climate/landscape interactions
  • Case studies in water crisis management

The organizers invite 250-word abstracts for either presentation papers or posters, due July 31, 2011. Up to 20 papers will be accepted.

More info at:

Contacts: Gail Holst-Warhaft, 607-255-1554 or Tammo Steenhuis, 607 255-2489