spanishwithextrasymbolsOn the occasion of the International World Water Day, Prof. Scoullos, Chairman of MIO-ECSDE, was interviewed by SKAI radio on the main issues that “drain” water today.

Prof Scoullos stated that “Phenomena related to the water, either concerning floods or extended droughts are steadily increasing. This means that human activity is disturbing the hydrological cycle, which has long been stable. And it is now that we are actually realizing the impacts of our actions. We are continuously demanding and getting from the system more than what it can in fact provide.

We will soon have to reconsider the importance and vitality of water and the role it has in our society and our economy. And for this exact reason the subject of water should be pushed further up in the political agenda. Days such as this help to raise awareness and apply pressure towards the achievement of our objectives.” Professor Scoullos, who has long been an active advocate for the sustainable use and management of water resources in the Mediterranean, went on to say that “The issue of water is not static. It stands on a balance were the extreme phenomena are becoming more frequent. Meaning more floods and more periods of drought for which we are not prepared. The society as a whole should learn to manage the water more efficiently. Traditional water harvesting techniques and management can now be revived with the help of modern technologies to achieve more sustainable results in the face of increasing water scarcity and escalating demand”.

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