The MPA Engage project has launched the first edition of ‘4 Pictures 4 Mediterranean’, a photo competition hosted by Instagram that aims to bring to light the human impacts on the fragile marine ecosystems and the stories of managers and citizens involved in their protection. All sea photographers are encouraged to participate till December 31, 2020.

The photo contest invites submissions of photos in the following 4 categories:

  • “Natural values”, to include photos that show the beauty and the value of sea biodiversity and of coastal Mediterranean habitats;
  • “Impact”, to disclose the effects of climate change on biological, geological, and social aspects (e.g. invasive species, mass mortalities events, algal blooms, coastal erosion, extreme storms);
  • “Action”, to explain how people and organizations take action to mitigate, counteract or adapt to consequences of climate change;
  • “Old Mediterranean”, to gather old pictures from the grandparents’ drawer for illustrating how much our sea has changed in both its social and natural aspects.

MPA Engage project is an initiative co-financed by the European Interreg Med programme that aims to strategically manage protected marine areas for mitigating the effects of change on the Mediterranean. MIO-ECSDE is one of the key partners of the project leading the capitalization activities and the elaboration of adaptation plans to climate change.

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To read more about the MPA Engage project, visit the MPA engage website.

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