In the first session of the event series ‘Local actions for a SHARED GREEN DEAL’ more than 80 participants delved into the intricate relationship between biodiversity and the cultural fabric of European communities, both rural and urban. Led by SHARED GREEN DEAL project partner, MIO-ECSDE, the webinar showcased inspirational initiatives from Greece, Ireland, Slovenia, and Sweden, highlighting the vital role of local engagement in biodiversity preservation.

During the webinar, the Biodiversity team of the project, presented examples of how communities are actively engaging with their members in regards to preserving biodiversity and discussed how this experience anticipates supporting policy makers to reconcile the disconnect that, seemingly, most Europeans experience from their local biodiversity. Representatives from NGOs, public authorities and research centers who implemented such initiatives shared their insights on how cultural values can help mobilize the transformative change needed for the ambitious EU Green Deal’s biodiversity goals and targets to be met.

One of the key highlights of the webinar was the introduction of the Shared Green Deal network, which seeks to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders committed to environmental sustainability.

You can find the complied presentations of the webinar and its recording through the links below:

Diversity of values for countering biodiversity loss_presentation



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